About me

A stunning and highly realistic self-portrait of the artist

Hi and Hello!

I’m Destiny and this is my digital sketchbook and hub for most of my comics and doodles that bring me personal joy.

I’m a cartoonist, animator, theater and mixed-media maker from Minnesota. I’d been having a fine old time on my website, but it’s a bit corporate, a bit too buttoned-up, and so I figured why not have *another* internet place where I can wear whatever I want, buttons or not, and share all the stuff I’d never EVER share at stuffy www.destinydavison.com.

Here’s some other places you can find me ⬇

  • My YouTube Channel
  • My ongoing webcomic, the Anywhere Report
  • Posting a steady stream of general chaos here and here on Instagram
  • Currently not going to space anytime soon, this blue speck is adventure enough

Thanks for being Here.

– D